A downloadable visual-novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Follow the life and choices of Mikami Rei, a 17-year-old trans youth, as she goes through the early steps of her transition.

Note from the Developer

This game is my first attempt at making a visual novel so it may break some important rules people often have for this type of games. Sorry about that in advance.

I was also in a hurry so all the characters have been made using a generator. A possible post-jam version should contain characters drawn by me as well as a much longer story.

I know that the game may give slightly overly rosy picture of the theme though. However, I thought it'd be better to show things in a positive light rather than include the so-called bad ends. There's still too many bad endings in real life and way too often.

I hope you enjoy playing this short visual novel!

Leelah's Law

This game was made for the #JamForLeelah -game jam in memory of Leelah Alcorn. Please support the banning of conversion therapy in United States by signing the petition for Leelah's Law. Thank you!

Install instructions

Just extract the package and run.

Mac-version will likely require allowing the installation of applications from unknown developers.

The Linux-version is untested but should work as well.


Like_a_butterfly-1.1-win.zip 26 MB
Like_a_butterfly-1.1-mac.zip 25 MB
Like_a_butterfly-1.1-linux.tar.bz2 28 MB